Doug Jones

Milla Jovovich continues to build her scream queen portfolio as director David R. Ellis announces that she will be starring in his upcoming horror film "Bad Luck".

John Carpenter fans, start getting excited. The director has announced his plans to return to vampire territory with his next project, "Fangland" based on the novel by John Marks.

Doug Jones and Reggie Bannister are now all set to slip into their most natural roles ever as R-Squarded films pick up "Carnies" for distribution . The company plans a limited theatrical release and a full scale DVD release for this little convention breaker that sets the carnies facing an unknown evil!

Zoe Bell burst onto the acting scene in 2007 with a leading role in Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof". She won more than a few hearts with the role and her rough play on the hood of a sports car, but it wasn't her first experience in front of the camera. By the time "Grindhouse" hit theaters, Bell had already established herself as a top notch stunt woman, doubling for such stars as Lucy Lawless in "Xena" as well as for Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill". Since her big break she has been quickly adding credits to her resume as an actress and doing fairly well in the process.