I guess I need to learn to pay better attention to what I'm renting because I grabbed "Last Kind Words" while I was in a hurry, and from glancing at the box, it wasn't quite what I expected. I was pretty interested when I saw Brad Dourif (Rob Zombie's "Halloween," and "Halloween 2," etc) was in a movie about someone who finds corpses hanging in their woods at night. Unfortunately, what I didn't realize that this wasn't really as much of a "horror" movie, as much as it is another "Twilight"-esque teenage romance set within a horror movie framework.

Let me get all philosophical up in this shit for a second. Imagine the following scenario. You have an island society composed of ten individuals. This island comes fully stocked with everything these ten people need to survive and be happy, plentiful food, warm beds, cold beer, a connection to the interwebs and NBA League Pass. You know, the basics. Now, let’s say that nine of the people in this society are masochists. The tenth, a sadist. Let’s say that every night, the sadist brutally assaults and beats the masochists within an inch of their life. Is this a paradise?