unnecessary sequels

I’ve long held the belief that the “Adjective Movie” series has been the single worst trend of the 2000’s. That said, I’ve held this belief without ever seeing a single film in the series. Yes, somehow despite being a teenage male just entering High School when the original “Scary Movie” came out in 2000 (in other words, the key demographic), I’ve somehow avoided all four movies in that series, “Not Another Teen Movie”, “Epic Movie”, “Date Movie”, “Meet the Spartans”, “Superhero Movie”, “Disaster Movie”, “Dance Flick” and, most recently, “Vampires Suck”.

To say that I hated the first “Hide and Go Kill” would be a bit of an understatement. Not only was it a horrible movie, it was easily the worst film I’ve reviewed in my tenure here at BGH. It’s a truly awful, unredeemable film. Unfortunately, it’s also the first of a two part series. Thankfully, the second film in the series is better than the first. However, the difference is marginal and the second film is still a virtually unwatchable mess.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to watching this movie. Last week, I reviewed the first film in the “Italian Zombie Film” saga, “Zombie Abomination”. Despite being able to get that unique Italian horror vibe right for some stretches in the film, I ultimately walked away unimpressed and disappointed. Worse yet, due to the horrible pacing problems and the totally unsatisfying ending in the first film in the series, the sequel, “Zombie Atrocity” really had to deliver to make up for the weaknesses in the original and to turn the series around.

It's Halloween, so that must mean "Saw" time. Let's see how many more of these Schnaars can take.

In the 'huh, they decided to make another one of those movies?' department comes the announcement of the prequel to "The Messengers", "The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow"!