Skillet's Favorite Monsters!

For a time there, these lists were coming in faster than I knew what to do with them! But alas, now I think I'm back on top of the heap, and here to present another one! Fresh off the wild success of their latest album, "Awake," singer John Cooper took a moment to sit down and hash out a list of his favorite monsters to go with their first single, "Monster." He's a man with little in the way of introduction, but they have an imminent tour coming up with Shinedown and Puddle of Mud, so I imagine he's a little busy. Plus, I have to give a couple bonus points, because I personally am a huge Godzilla fan. John, it's all yours.

Top 10 John Cooper

1. Alien

One of my favorite movies of all time. The scariest monster ever made as far as I'm concerned.

2. Darth Vader

Not necessarily a "monster", but my favorite villain anyway. His costume, voice, and breathing is absolutely legendary.

3. Predator

I love Predator because you watch half of the movie without seeing what he looks like. Then, when you think you have seen it all, he takes his mask off and beats the crap out of Arnold! "Get to the chopper."

4. "Lord of darkness" from the movie "Legend"

This movie was artistically filmed by my favorite director "Ridley Scott." "Darkness" is the creepiest devil I have ever seen. He also has the hugest butt-chin of all time...and that's frightening.

5. David from "The Lost Boys"

One of my favorite past times with my best friends in high school was watching The Lost Boys. At least once a weekend. To this day I still imitate David when I see those friends..."only noodles Michael!"

6. The Lochnesss Monster

I don't care if anyone thinks I'm a loser or not. I still believe in the Lochnesss monster! I saw one of those late night documentaries on it as a kid and I'm a believer!

7. Jaws

Man I'm still scared to death of the ocean because I watched Jaws when I was a kid. I don't even want to watch it again because I'm so scared. People say that it looks mechanical, but they are wrong! They didn't watch it in the seventies.

8. Hannibal Lecter

First psychopath movie I ever saw. Redefined what a bad guy was supposed to be. Anthony Hopkins became a legend that year.

9. Godzilla

Childhood love! I was infatuated with Godzilla, wizards, and Kung Fu Theater. I wish there would be an amazing remake of Godzilla that would actually be scary.

10. Marilyn Manson

Ok so it's a little bit tongue and cheek, but the cover of "Mechanical Animals" is one of the freakiest things I have seen... and something I never want to see in real life! Secondly, that is one of my favorite rock albums of all time. Plus, I think if he were reading this, he would smile.


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