San Diego Comic Con

I'm going to cut right to the chase, I am so pissed I'm not at Comic Con.

Being that I am firmly planted on the East coast, there was never a chance in Hell that'd I'd be able to attend. I've found myself mumbling bitterly every time I've come across anything Con related. On this, the opening day, I am teeming with negative Comic Con 08 jealousy. And it is freakin everywhere!!

I'm a bit of a web bunny. I hop around and frequent a few blogs, podcasts and the like. Everyone's going. Stacie from Final Girl is going! My favorite non horror podcast girls are going! I want to frolic amongst the "cool" kids. I want to go so badly even though my experience at NY Comic Con caused me to almost tear my eyes out with spoons.

Here are some awesome happenings that I am sure to read about (and they will only serve as fuel to the jealousy fire):
* Ray Bradbury - Yep, Ray motherfucking Bradbury
* Preview screening of "Dollhouse" - One of many Whedon related things I will be missing.
* Watchmen - Nuff said.
* Screening of the Buffy musical - It's my Rocky Horror and I want to see it!
* The "Women in Marvel" panel - I'm such a feminist dork for this crap.
* "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - There's a screening and a panel. It's a great show btw.
* Wes Craven apperance - .... * "Futurama" panel - I'm just punishing myself now.
* Joss Whedon - He'll be there screening Dr. Horrible and being my hero.

Seriously people, Tori Amos is going to be there and I'm not! Browse the schedule. It really is quite amazing when you scoop out some of the angst and bitterness.

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