Robert Rodriguez Set To Direct "The Jetsons"

Robert Rodriguez has more projects in the works then you can shake a stick at: “Sin City 2”, Predators” and “Machete” to name a few. Well, add another one to the list because now Rodriguez is on board to direct a live action version of the 60’s cartoon classic “The Jetsons”. Not to much info has been released about the project but it looks like it won’t find it’s way to the big screen till sometime around 2012.

Some of you might be thinking it’s going to be strange to see the guy who made “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Planet Terror” trying to direct George Jetson. But let’s not forget that he also directed the “Spy Kids” movies and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D”. Still, maybe Rosey the Robot will short circuit and go on a killing spree. Either way I’m pretty excited to see how this turns out.I loved the cartoon as a kid, even saw the 1990 movie in theaters. Maybe Tiffany will be back as Judy.

Before Rodriguez starts work on “The Jetsons” he’ll be shooting a feature length version of his Grindhouse trailer “Machete,” which should make for an interesting transition between movies.


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