"Nightmare Detective 2" Trailer

I case you weren't privy to such information, I am what you might call a Shinya Tsukamoto fan-boy. I've yet to encounter one of the legendary director's productions that I haven't been completely enthralled with. And while his last effort, the immensely entertaining "Nightmare Detective" -- a twisty little tale about a private investigator who has the ability to enter people's dreams -- wasn't nearly as Lynchian or outright bizarre as his previous films, I was still blown away by the man's ability to craft an intricate, multi-layered story that is both dramatically sound and impossibly unsettling.

If you've yet to experience Tsukamoto's work for yourself, immediately track down a copy of "Tetsuo: The Iron Man," "Haze," and "Hiruko The Goblin" and prepare to be awed.

While drifting through a night wrought with unbreakable insomnia, I stumbled across an English-subbed version of the "Nightmare Detective 2" trailer, which, of course, blew my feeble little mind into thousands of chewy, easily-digestible pieces. Tsukamoto's knack for eerie imagery and original storytelling appear to be intact, though I can't say for sure until I've gotten my grubby little mitts on a copy of the entire film.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the trailer:



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