Horror Headlines: Friday December 5th, 2008

Full official trailer for "Friday the 13th", complete with lots of footage we haven't seen before. I dig it, and appreciate the little nods to the series as well as the past trailers. I'm still up in the air as to how it might turn out, but I'm optimistic.

A whole bunch of new images from "Feast III: The Happy Finish". I'm disappointed that the biker chicks have clothes on after they had clearly lost them at the end of the last one, but I would imagine this thing won't concern itself with such silly things as "continuity". The film picks up shortly after the second one, when a prophet leads our group of survivors to safety and reveals secrets about the beasts to them that allow them to fight back.

Holy crap, I need this new 3D "My Bloody Valentine" poster. Now THAT is freaking awesome.

Some "Terminator 4" footage ended up on Entertainment Tonight recently, and shows more from the film than we've seen so far. It was basically a tease to them revealing the trailer, but pretty compelling nonetheless. Thoughts?

Check the poster for Nic Cage's "The Knowing". The film is about a time capsule prophecy predicting the end of the world, that only Nic Cage can decode (and therefore save earth). Put anyone else in that role and this film sounds freaking awesome. Can Cage pull it off and rework some of his 90's magic? Probably not. Either way, it should be entertaining.

In Real People News: 

A Newfoundland woman has lost 3/4's of her outer layer of skin after a complication from simple antibiotics. That should make you squirm in your seat a bit.

Hitler's maid says he was a good guy. Well, now that we've got that cleared up...

Haha, now this billboard for a beer company in New Zealand should probably have sent up some red flags when making it's way through Public Relations. Still, you've got to chuckle.

On this day in history: 

1997: Fairfield, CA resident Alan Hall is rushed to the NorthBay Medical Center in a vain attempt to reattach his amputated penis. Hall informs police that the assailant, a mysterious woman named Brenda, had sliced it off at the base with an X-Acto knife following sex. Authorities ultimately determine the wound to be self-inflicted.

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