Horror Headlines: Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

One more day till Thanksgiving here folks, and that means one more day to enter our contest for Amok Time "Day of the Dead" figures. Just click on that link above to check that out. We will be back on Friday with not only the winner's names, but Pete's comic book column and possibly a review as well. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.- The Bloody Good Horror Crew

This is the poster for that indie film "Donkey Punch" we've been talking about here for a while now. Eh, it's alright. Although I would have gone for a more literal interpretation, but that probably would have gotten it banned from theaters.

Holy crap this is cool. This is a "motion poster" for "Terminator: Salvation Begins" that will be showing up in select foreign sites. Be warned, it auto-plays and the audio is pretty loud, so hit that volume button!

Official site for the indie film "Death Stop Holocaust". And now, there's a new trailer for you to check out in addition to the old one. I'm told they're shooting to have a cut of the film done early next year, so hopefully we'll be seeing this one soon.

Madonna's brother is going to direct his first feature, a horror film called "Twist". Not sure if it's about how hideous his sister looks these days, but it probably should be.

In Real People News: 

If you take the horrors of teen angst and combine them with the Japanese ritual of honorable suicide called "Seppuku", well I guess you have a pretty terrible emo song. You also have this disturbing story.

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT. God damn that thing gives me the willies. It's like a combination of the "Cloverfield" monster and the aliens from "Independence Day"... and it lives in the ocean. Happy swimming.

On this day in history: 

1865: Lewis Carroll sends the manuscript for the psychedelic novel "Alice in Wonderland" to his 12 year old special friend Alice Liddell. (Incidentally Carroll, born Charles Dodgson, had a thing for very young girls, frequently photographing them nude.)

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