Horror Headlines: Tuesday, November 11th 2008

"Friday the 13th: 3D" will be released in ACTUAL 3D with the box set that will coincide with the release of the remake. This marks the first time that the film has ever been released on video or DVD in its original 3D format. The only people who have ever seen it that way are the lucky few who saw it in its original theatrical run.

Watch a full Q&A with Bruce Campbell after a recent screening of "My Name is Bruce". Why? Because everyone could use a little more Ash in their lives.

A French horror/comedy called "Vampire Party" sounds pretty great at first, until you remember that these are the people who think Jerry Lewis is funny. Then you slowly back away until it's safe to start running.

"Demonic Toys 2" will begin shooting this month. This film is a sequel to 1992's original "Demonic Toys" from FULL MOON Productions, not to be confused with the "Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys" series. What's even better? It's being directed by the genius who brought us "Ginngerdead Man 2" and "3". As if that wasn't wacky enough, how about this tidbit: The original "Demonic Toys" was written by David Goyer.

Promo footage from Clive Barker's "Book of the Dead". This is a new link, to make up for the one that was taken down yesterday. Enjoy!

In Real People News: 

Tanker spills and fills town's streets with Chicken Blood. I'm going to file this under the "stuff Stanley Kubrick would have loved" category.

Snake trying to swallow a wallaby whole and failing? Sure, why not. I would find this a lot cooler if I had any idea what the hell a wallaby is.

Shoplifter with no arms steals television. I'll leave you to yourself to ponder that one today, along with this question; Shouldn't he be allowed to keep it?

On this day in history: 

1978: A renovated Hollywood Sign is unveiled. The original sign was built in 1923, and said "Hollywoodland". Its 45 foot high letters have served as the jumping point for several suicides, including the first: starlet Peg Entwhistle (letter "H", 1932).

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