Horror Headlines 10/21/08

Director of "Pineapple Express" to direct genre film. It will be called "Freaks of the Heartland" and will be about a Middle American Town that's hiding a secret involving... you guessed it, freaks!

Zack Snyder is still haggling with the studio about the budget for his epic zombie film "Army of the Dead", that he describes as being in "long lead preproduction". The film concerns, according to Snyder, "all out zombie war", but also follows a father's attempt to protect his daughter from the hordes of undead.

Rumors are flying that Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be in "Predator 3" once he leaves office in California, assuming he doesn't take any other political position elsewhere. Honestly, nothing would surprise me from the man at this point.

Weird new "Punisher: War Zone" poster. What is that, like 8 posters for this film now that's probably going to suck anyways? Can't blame them for lack of effort I suppose.

Hotline Media, a company I have never heard of, is reportedly in negotiations with Universal to acquire the assets of Rogue Pictures, their independent and genre wing. What does this mean? Well if they do, they'll suddenly be responsible for releasing and/or developing "The Strangers 2", "Castlevania", "The Unborn", the "Last House on the Left" remake, and the comic book adaptation "Hack/Slash". Whew, that's a whole lot of horror that could possibly be changing hands very, very soon. Let's just hope they care about these projects... well, maybe not Castlevania, I think I'd be alright if that one fizzled out.

John and Drew Dowdle, directors of "Quarantine" and "The Poughkeepsie Tapes", have been picked as the first writing/directing team for "Night Chroncles", M. Night Shyamalan's plan to produce three thrillers back to back. Night will be picking the writers and directors, choosing the storylines, and then sitting back and letting them do their thing. Should be interesting for a notorious control freak.

In Real People News: 

Ever want to read the diaries of a real life Hangman? Well now you can! Well, not you exactly, but I bet you someone's pouring over those bad boys right now.

If you were in prison and looking to get high, would you smoke weed that was hidden in some guy's fat folds? Ya, me neither.

On this day in history: 

If you were in prison and looking to get high, would you smoke weed that was hidden in some guy's fat folds? Ya, me neither.

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