Horror Headlines: Friday October 19th, 2012

Hey everybody, Casey here again! I've been freebasing Frankenberry for the past week because...tis' the season! As a result, I have come to a full stop for at least three days and even though the rest of the guys here in the office think they have me locked securely away in the broom closet, I managed to vibrate fast enough from the sugar rush to phase through walls! Woo, let's do some news!

Open Roads, US distributors of "The Grey" and the upcoming "Silent Hill" sequel are liking their violent genre flicks so much, they've picked up the Danny Trejo sequel "Machete Kills"! If they decided to try some cross pollination between titles and get Danny Trejo to fight a pack of wolves and Pyramid Head in this, my head might explode from sheer excitement!

French directing duo Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, whom know for their delightfully twisted debut "Inside", are eyeing some amusement park horror for their next film. "Among the LIving" will tell the story of three adolescents in poking around and abandoned amusement park, chased by a man in a clown mask! I don't know why they think this scenario is scary, here in the Midwest we call that "the State Fair".

Just in case there's still a tiny bit of life left in the bloated corpse of your childhood, "G.I. Joe Retaliation" directory Jon M. Chu has been attached to direct a "Masters of the Universe" feature. While you and I think, "Masters of the Universe could be a really solid dark fantasy story and turn out pretty creepy," we all know it's going to turn out like this.

Want to be the cool house on Halloween? You should give away this Marvel Zombies One Shot comic to all the kiddos with cool costumes.

In Real People News: 

Researches report that bedtime stories are a dying art due to shortened attention spans in children. Not reported by researchers; lazy parenting is also on the rise!

Just to be safe, I figured I better pass this info along. Doctors want to warn you that if you've been eating a lot of Flaming Hot Cheetos, it may turn your poop red. They want to stress that you don't have to run to the ER fearing blood in your stool. They only want you to run to the ER for the impending heart attack that comes from eating enough Cheetos to turn your poop red.


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