Horror Headlines 10/16/08

A bunch of new grossout pics from the Australian film "Dying Breed", that Schnaars saw at the Tribecca film festival not too long ago and loved the crap out of. Also, I just discovered it's playing at this year's "After Dark Horrorfest". It's not that that's news per say, but since I ignore everything that comes out of that festival, I just hadn't noticed. So the good news is that come January, you can actually see "Dying Breed" in theaters, which if buzz turns out to be correct, will be pretty sweet!

"Cruel" is a silent, black and white horror film, about a mute girl who is forced to watch a series of grisly murders. You know, for those connoisseurs of horror out there who prefer a little class with their slaughter.

So, it looks as if Mike Dougherty has closed the book on "Trick 'R Treat". After a premiere screening in LA last week, he had this to say. "It definitely feels like I'm closing the chapter and I can move on to the other projects. Whatever happens with [Trick 'r Treat] from this point onward, great." Warner Bro's continues to sit on the film, now going on almost 2 years later, with no plans for any future release. This despite the fact that this year's lack of October horror releases would have made it the perfect time to unleash it onto the public.

If you visit the official site for "Repo: A Genetic Opera", you can now see a list of theaters it will be playing in on it's limited theatrical release this November. It's in the lower right hand corner of the flash heavy site, just in case you have trouble finding it.

I really liked the original "Vacancy", so I figured I would give the trailer for "Vacancy 2: The First Cut" at least a courtesy watch. First off, when your trailer is half filled with footage from the first film, that's never a good sign (we call that the "Silent Night, Deadly Night" rule). Round that out with no returning actors from the first one (not even the creepy desk guy), and a direct to DVD release, and it seems you have a recipe for disaster. Ah well, can't say I was expecting anything less.

In Real People News: 

So there's this guy who plays World of Warcraft named "Prepared", who actually runs 36 accounts simultaneously so he can perform raids by himself. So basically, if you're keeping score at home, he took an incredibly anti-social activity and took the one social aspect out of it. I don't know whether to cry for this guy or be impressed by his resourcefulness.

Even the price of crack has gone up due to the bad economy. Maybe this is all some incredible ruse to win the war on drugs? Nah, that would have required some actual forethought.

I've always wanted to visit the small Arab country of Dubai. It's a fascinating place, but apparently, it's turning into a filthy cesspool. The massive amounts of human waste produced by the city dwellers are being dumped straight into the Gulf, right near prime swimming beaches. Mmm, tasty.

Fish swims into boy's penis. Just doing my part to make you cringe today. Did it work?

On this day in history: 

1793: Deposed French queen Joséphe Jeanne Marie Antoinette sits in an open cart, enduring three hours of public ridicule as she is slowly driven around the streets of Paris. Finally, she is taken to the guillotine. Before she loses her head, Antoinette tells the crowd: "Farewell, my children, forever. I go to your Father."

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