Horror Headlines 9/30/08

Apparently the first teaser poster for "My Bloody Valentine 3D" was rejected by the MPAA for being too bloody, so instead they're going with this one, which is basically the exact same thing only with a toned down red color. Whew, glad we averted that crisis! What would we do without the omnipotent guidance of the MPAA?

The "Vacancy" prequel will be titled "Vacancy 2: The First Cut". While I'm one of the few who truly enjoyed the original, a prequel seems pretty pointless. But hey, what do I know.

Some guy named John Johnson (?) is remaking "Plan 9 From Outerspace" as a serious film based on Ed Wood's original screenplay, and will reportedly not "resort to camp or parody". While it seems pointless to remake "Plan 9", this certainly seems like an interesting direction to take the project. Thoughts?

Today's awesomely named Indie flick of the day? "Satanic Panic". Fango has the scoop at the link if you're interested.

So, apparently Tim Burton's "Alice" adaptation is farther along than we thought (well, at least than I thought), because here's the first still. Nothing too exciting, but it does give us a shot of our adorable lead Mia Wasakowski, who some of you may have seen on the HBO series "In Treatment", as a 14 year old anorexic gymnast. She was actually really good on that show so I'm looking forward to this for more than just the obvious reason (aka Johnny Depp as "The Mad Hatter").

Interview with the director of "Train", where he explains the NC-17 rating the film has received and just what happened to the "Terror" part of his title.

In Real People News: 

18 year old hires hitmen to kill his mother so he can buy his girlfriend a boob job with his inheritance. And the plan would have worked too, if only the weapon of choice wasn't "a small wooden baseball bat". What, like one of the ones they give away at bat day?

Somali pirates hi-jack Iranian ship off the coast of Africa, and quickly start to die off from a mysterious disease. Sounds like there was some kind of funny business going on with that ship, maybe this is a case for Mulder and Scully?

What's that smell? Oh, I guess it's just a bag of dead cats in my neighbor's house. Sounds like an ordinary day in NYC to me.

On this day in history: 

Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten dares to publish editorial cartoons containing Islamic prophet Muhammad including a bomb in turban image. These toons spark Muslim protests, violence, riots and death across the globe. Mobs burn down the 10-story Danish Consulate in Beirut.

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