Horror Headlines 9/22/08

Okay, so the crappily named film "iMurders" that I wrote about a few weeks ago is NOT a horror/comedy like I had hoped, meaning that they picked that name to try to be scary. Also, I just found out the cast includes Tony Todd, William Forsythe and Lando Calrissian himself, Billy Dee Williams. It also appears it was shot on digital, which means this guy either spent all of his money on actors, or has some very strategic friends. Check out the groan-inducing trailer at the link.

Shia LeBouf to star in thriller titled "Dark Fields", about a super drug that maximizes your brain's potential. When his supplier dies, LeBouf escapes with his stash and is now the only person who has access to the drug. Only now he's starting to feel the side effects. Based on a novel by Alan Glynn, the film goes into production this Winter.

Frank Miller says he's very close to to starting "Sin City 2" with Robert Rodriguez. Of course, he's going to have to deal with the bomb that will be "Spirit" (just a prediction here people) first. Oh, and please, if there's going to be a stripper in this one, have her take her clothes off. You know, for realisms' sake.

The Trailer for the "Friday the 13th" remake will be attached to prints of "Saw V", when it opens on October 24th.

Some producer guy claims that Arnold wants to act in a movie or two after his term as Governor of California is over, and that one of those might be a "Predator" film. He also says that AVP is essentially dead, because "I think we've logically done what we could with the two AVP movies". If by "logically done" you mean, "make them suck ass", then ya, you hit that one right on the nose.

In Real People News: 

Turns out all you needed to hack Sarah Palin's email address was a good old fashioned Google search. Oh, and some type of ass-chastity belt, since when they find this dude (who they think is a college student in Tennessee) he's being thrown straight into prison.

Cocaine smugglers are now using Submarines to haul their stashes into the US. Okay people, I think it's time to give up on this whole "War on Drugs" madness. They have Subs for cryin' out loud!

George Michael arrested for doing drugs in a public toilet. Seriously, this guy needs to hire someone whose only job is to keep him from doing stupid things in public bathrooms. Because apparently he's incapable of doing it on his own.

On this day in history: 

1327: The deposed King Edward II of England is murdered with a red-hot poker shoved up his rectum -- a gruesome punishment reserved strictly for homosexuals. Edward's wife Isabella had the King's lover, Hugh le Despenser Younger, executed the previous year.

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