Horror Headlines 9/11/08

So, remember when McG and the makers of "Terminator Salvation" hired another jacked Austrian dude who sort of looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger to take his place? Well, rumors are now flying that Arnie's face will be digitally placed over that dude's, and he has recently recorded voiceovers to be placed in post. Wow, so the Governator might be in the film after all huh? Take that, rest of the world, our Governors are frigging Terminators! Only in America folks. Also, I apparently missed the rumor that McG has said the film may possibly be rated R, which has actually peaked my interest for this whole thing.

Speaking of our beloved ratings organization, "Repo: A Genetic Opera" has been given an R rating by the MPAA. Despite how awkward some of the clips have been, I'm still endlessly intrigued by how this will turn out. Also, kudos to the readers if they can find out if this is the first ever R rated musical to be released theatrically (albeit, limited).

The same company that did "Prom Night" is now moving forward with a remake of "The House on Sorority Row", and have cast Rumor Willis (the giant chinned offspring of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) and Briana Evigan (the hot chick from "Step up 2 Tha Streets", the trailer for which seemed to be in front of every horror film last year). I'll let you make your own judgments about this project based on the information provided.

"The Scream Awards" air on SpikeTV on Tuesday, October 21st, and you can see the nominees at the link. Also there, the board of advisers who chose the nominees, which I must say is rather impressive (think Wes Craven, Kevin Smith, etc...), and they've done a great job of honoring the films our readers have admired most this past year.

In Real People News: 

Kids defecating on the bathroom floor in your school? No problem, just rub their noses in it like dogs. Oh, on second thought, maybe that's not the greatest idea.

If you're going to murder someone, it's probably best to not construct a photo essay and then leave the memory card out for investigators to find. Just saying.

Woman in Budapest rushed to hospital after part of a screwdriver gets lodged in her lung during a dental examination. Also news, dentists in Budapest use screwdrivers. YIKES.

On this day in history: 

1991: Boxer Mike Tyson is arrested for raping Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel room. After his conviction and three years spent behind bars, Tyson continues to maintain his innocence, telling one reporter: "I just hate her guts... I really wish I did now... now I really do want to rape her."

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