Horror Headlines 9/10/08

Rachel Miner has joined the cast of "The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation", which will be screening at this year's After Dark Horror Fest. And oh yeah, they're still filming and it comes out in January. I just want you to know how rushed it is so you can avoid it when it comes out. And don't worry, wherever crappy filmmakers are getting rid of sequel numbers to try and fool you, we'll be there to put those little bastards right back in for you.

Okay Christine, I'm totally interested in "Bitch Slap" now. And it has nothing to do with the hot picture of Zoe Bell at the link. For more information on the movie including a pretty kickass trailer, visit the "Bitch Slap's" official site.

Quentin Tarantino has picked his female lead for his WWII flick "Inglorious Bastards", and she's a hot french chick you've never heard of. At least he's moved on from Uma Thurman, her freaky toes in "Kill Bill" still haunt my nightmares.

Attention, makers of "iMurders", it's been a LONG time since it was cool to put the letter 'i' at the beginning of anything, let alone a movie title. I would have read the story to find out what's going on with the flick but I stopped at the title, and the poster, complete with blood dripping mouse. Of course if it's all a spoofy type thing, I'd be no board with that. Does someone want to find out and let me know in the comments? It would be much appreciated.

Kevin Smith's next film will be "Red State", which he describes as a "total horror-political-psychological movie without a funny line in it..." I've always rooted for Smith, and although I have my doubts about his ability to accomplish what he wants to with this movie, I'll be behind it all the way. So, go Kevin!

Brittany Snow has signed on to the adaptation of the videogame "CLOCK TOWER". Oh brother, I'm sure this is going to spark many intelligent conversations on her last horror film, "Prom Night". You just watch.

In Real People News: 

American Airlines ships corpse to wrong country, attempts to charge family to have it sent to the right place. And you think I'm paranoid because I refuse to check baggage. They can't even get a dead body to the right place, what makes you think they can handle ordinary bags?

Korean man buys house at auction, visits twice before moving in, and only after that notices the previous owners dead body swinging from a pipe in the kitchen. He had seen the body twice before, but claims he thought it was a "mannequin", because the kitchen was so well ventilated that the body was dried out like a mummy and did not smell. Let's not even get into the fact that he thought it was normal for a "mannequin" to be hanging from a pipe in his kitchen.

Just another in a long list of reasons why I will never take public transportation in a city... you have to worry about the dude next to you bludgeoning you with the claw end of a hammer. We should get this guy together with the dude who beheaded a guy on that bus in Canada. He's probably the only person on earth who this guy would actually be able to relate to.

On this day in history: 

1977: Convicted torture-killer Hamida Djandoubi, an immigrant from Tunisia, becomes the last person executed by France when he is guillotined (!) in Marseilles.

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