Horror Headlines 8/26/08

Clive Barker on the whole "Midnight Meat Train" debacle: "This is all about ego, and though I mourn the fact that ‘Midnight Meat Train’ was never given its chance in theaters, it’s a beautifully stylish, scary movie, and it isn’t going anywhere. People will find it, and whether they find it in midnight shows or they find it on DVD, they’ll find it, and in the end the Joe Drakes of the world will disappear.”

Shocker... Matthieu Kassovitz says FOX "butchered" his film "Babylon A.D." in the editing room. "A.D." is his epic scifi/action film starring Vin Diesel that's about to hit theaters. He goes on to talk shit about the producers on the film, saying their only concern was hacking the film up so they could get a PG-13. Maybe they'll stick totally unrelated stock footage from "Dark Angel" in there like they did in "Hitman"... because it worked so well the first time...

Larry Cohen and William Lustig have just retained the rights to the "Maniac Cop" series, and intend to make a fourth film. Lustig has directed all of the previous films in the franchise, and apparently feels the landscape is ripe for bringing the character back.

New "Quarantine" stills. Since I was right about "Mirrors" sucking, I'm going to run with my apparent clairvoyance and say this one's going be a huge flop too. Maybe not a stretch since it's a remake, but this is another trailer that people are inexplicably drooling over.

Woody Harrelson to star in horror/comedy titled "Zombieland". Despite my current distaste for the zombie sub-genre (especially funny ones), I have to say I'm intrigued by this.

The directors of "Inside" claim they're officially involved with the sequel to Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake. They claim they'll remain "faithful" to Zombie's original, while also forcing an "evolution" of the story. Hopefully that means they can rewrite it to not include a whiny bitch of a little fat kid, but that's just my opinion I guess.

In Real People News: 

Prisoners are being smuggled heroin through a pigeon which is delivering it to their cell windows. I will continue to marvel at what these guys are capable of. They're like McGyver, only you know, with more violent crimes on their records.

Pot smoking pedophile vampire. If that were me that would be way too many stereotypes to live up to... it's just too much pressure.

If you get arrested for offering 2 cents to an undercover prostitute at the Circle K, it might be time to re-evaluate your life... just saying. What does two cents get you from a whore anyways? An Eskimo kiss?

On this day in history: 

1987: A rampaging elephant in Bangkok, Thailand, destroys a radio center and kills two people.

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