Horror Headlines 8/25/08

"His Name Was Jason" is a documentary on the "Friday the 13th" series, which will debut in February 2009 on the Starz network, just in time for the remake to be released in theaters.

Bruce Campbell says he's ready for "Evil Dead 4", and if they do do it Sam Raimi will have Ash be an old, out of shape hero. Sure it's a move out of necessity (Bruce is a bit long in the tooth these days), but the potential for comedy gold is through the roof.

Nicholas Cage and Christopher Mintz Plasse (McLovin) are going to be starring in "Kick-Ass" together, based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar of the same name. Considering that Cage is in full on Marlon Brando insanity at this point, putting him in a movie with McLovin seems like the next logical step in his downward spiral.

Kevin McKidd (Dog Soldiers) will play the next Highlander. He seems to have the requisite sharp features and bad assness, so I think this will work. This is for a remake of the original "Highlander" by the way, which is currently in the planning stages.

Wes Craven reveals that Platinum Dunes may be off of the "Nightmare on Elm St." remake. It sort of sounds like speculation the way he says it, but this is Wes Craven and not Robert Englund so this may actually have some truth to it.

In Real People News: 

Finally, 28th term abortions become illegal. There, now you should have enough time to make up your mind.

Cops confiscate awesome three bladed Klingon sword, reportedly commission them for themselves. Okay they didn't but they're still freaking sweet.

Boy who lost arm to gator says he wants "robot arm like the Terminator". Now that's a glass half full mentality. Someone get this kid a robot arm, stat.

On this day in history: 

1835: The New York Sun publishes stunning revelations that Sir John Hershel has observed little men living on the surface of the moon. The stories, now generally believed to be false, brings the paper record circulation.

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