Horror Headlines 7/15/08

Are you ready for a "restart" for the "Scream" franchise?. Well get ready, because the Weinstein's have signed a deal with Showtime for a whole host of pictures, and among them is the long rumored "Scream 4". The project will (presumably) move ahead with all new principles, and sounds like a sort of "reboot" for the franchise. Despite my much professed love of the first one, I can't see a single positive in this story.

Woody Allen has joined Roland Emerich's "2012", as a "crackpot" forseeing the end of the world. Wow, that's a stretch. The film is due out next summer, and will be based up on the Mayan doomsday prophecy.

Spanish Lovecraft adaptation called "La Herencia De Valdemar". The story follows an investigator called in to investigate mysterious disappearances at a scary old Victorian mansion.

Babylon AD trailer. I honestly can't remember the last time I went to see a Vin Deisel movie, but I have to say this one looks pretty cool.

Shocker, Paul W.S. Anderson's original "Castlevania" script was garbage. Luckily the script is being "reshaped", but it still remains to be seen how much it will change from this first draft.

In Real People News: 

This may be the first real life instance of someone having an evil twin. Of course, when your twin is a pedophile the story kind of loses it's kitsch value.

Americans are twice as likely to have tried marijuana than the Dutch, a country where it's actually LEGAL. Just more proof of the amazing progress we've made in the "War on Drugs".

Yet another guy who committed suicide by decapitating himself with a chainsaw. Hey, it wouldn't be my first choice, but I suppose he gets style points

On this day in history: 

1974: During a live broadcast of the Sarasota, Florida morning news program Suncoast Digest, newscaster Chris Chubbuck tells the audience: "In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first: an attempted suicide." Then she blows her brains out with a .38 revolver.

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