Horror Headlines 5/9/08

Fernanda Romero just joined the cast of Sam Raimi's upcoming horror flick "Drag me to Hell". If you're a glutton for punishment like us here at the site, you'll recognize her as the sexy Mexican chick who gave Jessica Alba her corneas in "The Eye".

"Don't Look in the Basement", the 80's thriller about a new nurse at an insane asylum who suspects something is awry with her new job, is being remade. The good news? It seems as though it's being done on the Indie tip, with "Bloodshed" director Alan Kelly at the helm. I've never seen the original so I have no real opinion on this. Anyone?

Gore Verbinksi, director of "The Ring" (US remake) is going to be helming the big screen adaptation of the video game "Bioshock". Mark's the only one of us who has played the game, so I'll solicit his thoughts in the comments below. And... go!

Warner Independent Pictures and Myriad Pictures (both subsidiaries of Warner Bros) have been shut down. I don't have the energy this morning to recount all the things that will result of this, so I'll let BD do it... at the link.

In Real People News: 

You know, I did some stupid, destructive things when I was a teenager (didn't everyone?), but one thing I never even thought about doing was jumping the fence at a zoo in order to punch a camel. That's just wrong.

Next time you visit your mother's house and discover lots of expired food in the freezer, just be thankful she's not keeping three babies in there. You'll be wishing you found 10 year old salad dressing.

On this day in history: 

1995: The CDC in Atlanta identifies a new strain of filovirus in blood samples taken from 14 disease victims in Kikwit, Zaire. Designated "Ebola," this new pathogen proves to be so tremendously virulent that the government of Zaire is forced to place the entire city of Kinshasa under quarantine in order to contain the outbreak. Also, Americans freak out for no reason whatsoever.

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