Horror Headlines 4/17/08

As reported in my blog yesterday, the word on the street now is that Clive Barker's "Midnight Meat Train" will not be getting a name change (previous speculation had them nixing the "Meat") and that it will indeed go theatrical, on August 1st, 2008. Great news for Barker fans, and those who were disappointed at the earlier rumors that it might have gone straight to DVD.

Rachel Panabaker has been cast as the female lead in the "Friday the 13th" remake. I'm less interested in that news than in the fact that she'll play the girlfriend of a "Rich, Alpha male". So, that's the person we're supposed to be sympathizing with? Whatever happened to just plain old non-rich people? This re-emerging obsession with the rich in pop culture is beginning to make me think that "The Fresh Prince" or "Silver Spoons" is about to make a comeback. I love 80's nostalgia as much as the next guy people, but this has gone too far.

I hadn't even heard the rumor, but Platinum Dunes is making the rounds to debunk the idea that the "Friday the 13th" remake will be PG-13. It's not... so stop spreading nasty rumors people. Nobody likes a liar.

The official title for the upcoming "X-Files" sequel is "X-Files: I Want To Believe". Meh, I get the connection but I actually liked "X-Files 2" better. I guess I'm just a grumpy bastard that's hard to please.

If you head on over to Reel Comix right now, you can check out The first 6 pages of "Halloween: Night Dance", Issue #3 which is about to hit stands everywhere. You know, I might have started reading comics if every comic book store I've ever lived near wasn't in the worst part of town possible. Whatup with that?

In Real People News: 

Some surgeons in the Philippines are in trouble after posting a video on Youtube featuring them removing a spray can from a man's ass, complete with them giggling in the background. Even better, it was reportedly up there because the man had made a remark to his partner about the size of his manhood. Yikes.

Okay, never mind. Rugby players are pretty much the most badass people on earth. I usually start off every morning with a video of someone hurting themselves (or others), so I figure I'll start bringing you one every day. Some people like puppies, some like flowers, I like videos of people being maimed. Hey, different strokes.

On this day in history: 

1965: The FBI Laboratory in Washington reports their inability to make out the vocals on the hit single "Louie Louie." Thus, the Bureau is unable to determine whether the record constitutes obscene matter.

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