Horror News 3/11/08

Neil Marshall's next film has been greenlit by Rogue Pictures, and it will be called "Sacrilege". The film, set in the Old West during the Gold Rush, is being described as "Unforgiven by way of H.P. Lovecraft, with that grim, gritty setting and a horror element nobody has seen before." I'm sold. Marshall's great with those small horror flicks based around that feeling of isolation, as both "The Descent" and "Dog Soldiers" proved. This Friday will see the release of his next film "Doomsday", so we'll soon find out if he's as good on a large scale as he is on a small one.

target="_blank">Here is the poster for a film called "Zombies Zombies Zombies!", with the tagline "Strippers VS Zombies".... not to be confused with Friday's story about "Zombie Strippers". I see a theme emerging here.

Edgar Wright ("Shaun of the Dead", "Hot Fuzz") is out talking up his next project, target="_blank">an adaptation of the Marvel comic "Ant-Man". He has this to say about the project: "It’s going to be less overtly comedic than anything else I’ve ever done. It’s more of a full-on action adventure sci-fi film but with a comedic element – in the same spirit of a lot of escapist fare like that. It’s certainly not a superhero spoof
or pastiche and it certainly isn’t a sort of 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids' endeavor at all."
I'm not saying they're scraping the bottom of the comic book barrel here, but what's next? Termite man?

Next up on the remake block? 1978's "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". And in news that will make Mark's head explode, it's being written by the two doofs behind AskANinja.com. There are so many things wrong with this story it's hard to know where to start. The original film is one of the best low-budget masterpieces ever made, but I'm sure the remake will replace the wonderfully quaint giant tomatoes with some type of deplorable CGI... and really, who wants to see that? I realize it's funny that I'm getting worked up about this, but come on, it's Killer Tomatoes!

In Real People News: 

We can all rest easy, because The Vatican href="http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080310/ts_nm/pope_sins_dc"
target="_blank">has released a new list of sins for the 21st century to steer clear of. THANK GOD, because when I woke up this morning my first thought was "Gee, I can't think for myself, I really wish someone sets me straight today"." On a related note, I plan on breaking at least 3 of these today. Stay tuned for more.

A Thai man has been arrested after href="http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2008/03/08/
wbangkok108.xml" target="_blank">killing 8 of his neighbors, reportedly because they wouldn't shut down their karaoke party. The song that set him off? "Country Roads" by John Denver (which for some bizarre reason is apparently a huge hit in Thailand). It's not every day that John Denver sends someone into a homicidal rage, but In all fairness, he did warn them that he would kill them if they didn't stop. There was one survivor, who was sober enough to have the idea of playing dead.

Oh, and finally today, it's official: The Governor of NY is a poon-hound. This is the part where all the self-righteous politicians (most of whom have done the same exact thing, trust me) come out of the wood work and spew some of the worst hypocrisy you've ever heard. Although I will say, he's got a pretty hot wife... it's not like he's married to this... in which case I'd have to say, I understand.

On this day in history: 

1669: After a series of warning earthquakes near Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe spectacularly erupts, destroying the Sicilian town of Nicolosi and killing 20,000 people.

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