Horror Headlines: Friday January 16th, 2009

"My Bloody Valentine 3D" opens everywhere today. If you don't know whether or not it's playing in 3D near you, your best bet would be to check Fandango.com. Just type in your zip code and get started from there.

This is a cool "Underworld" auction, where you can bid on actual screen used props from all three "vampire vs werewolf" films. Kind of neat.

"Zombieland", the epic zomcom starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, is having an open casting call for zombies in Southern Georgia. Do you have what it takes?

The Thomas Jane starrer "Mutant Chronicles" has been given an R by the MPAA for "strong bloody violence and language throughout". It gets released wide on April 24th, 2009.

The domestic trailer for "Outlander", which as we told you yesterday gets released in two weeks here, January 23rd. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love the concept of this film?

In Real People News: 

A group of Kamikaze geese take down an Airbus A320 filled with passengers leaving New York's LaGuardia airport yesterday, forcing the plane to land in the Hudson River... in January. It appears at this point that no one died, however several of the male passengers did report the "worst shrinkage they've ever had".

I don't usually report Amy Winehouse stories but this one's too good to pass up. When a resort recently refused to serve her any more alcohol, she she started crawling around like a squirrel and stealing people's drinks who were trying to enjoy their dinners. Oh, you little scamp, you!

No matter how much these crazy cat-lady stories disgust me, I always read them. Is there something wrong with me?

A bunch of physicists, presumably high as kites, are starting to gather evidence that our reality is really just a 3D hologram being projected from the other side of the universe. Holy shit blood just started to shoot out my nose.

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