Horror Headlines: Wednesday January 7th, 2009

Shocking news... Paramount is trying to screw you again. Just in time for the release of the remake they're releasing special editions of "Friday the 13th" parts 1-3. Now comes word that they're also working on special editions of parts 4-6. Gee, do you think they might be working their way up to releasing a nice big boxed set of these, after they've made their way through the whole series? My advice? If you already own the first shitty box set, just buy the special editions of the films you want. But don't be fooled into thinking that another money-sucking set isn't on the way.

On more fun Jason related news... terrorize your kids with these Jason plushy dolls. Others may frown upon it but you'll get the BGH Parental Seal of Approval. Sure I just made that up, but does that make it any less real?

I have always been excited for Eduardo Sanchez's ("The Blair With Project", "Altered") "Seventh Moon". The film is about a honeymooning couple in China who are there during festival said to celebrate the opening of the gateway to hell, and the spooky things that happen around that kind of setting. Anyways, here's the new trailer. It's still a little vague and quick-cuttey like the last one, but hopefully this means it's a bit closer to finding distribution. You will get word from us as soon as we know.

New images from Rogue Pictures "Last House on the Left" remake, which is due in 2009.

Awesome David Fincher quote on the possibility of doing sequel to his smash hit thriller "Se7en"... "I would be less interested in that than I would in having cigarettes put out in my eyes". Not really newsworthy, but I like to award wordsmiths when they craft something as awesome as that line.

In Real People News: 

Man breaks into sex shop with the sole purpose of having his way with a few sex dolls, which he then promptly threw out in a nearby alley. To each his own I guess, but I've got to think that one of those stores might have some money in it too, no?

If you smoke during pregnancy your kid is going to be an asshole. There, I just wrote the latest anti-smoking PSA, get on it...

The UK continues to shock and terrify me with their police state. Now they're hacking into EU citizen's computers without warrants, just to look around and see what they find. How are you people putting up with this?

Speaking of hacking, if I had heard the phrase "Britney Spears Twitter was hacked" in 1999 I likely would have had a seizure from the double entrendre. Today? It just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

On this day in history: 

1948: Residents of Maysville and nearby towns report UFO sightings, and at 2:45 PM, the US Air National Guard investigates. Capt. Thomas Mantell radios that the craft is "metallic and tremendous in size". It may have been a weather balloon. At 3:18 PM Mantell's P-51 goes down.

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