New "Halloween 2" Trailer

It isn’t a week if there isn’t a new “Halloween 2” video for us to talk about. This week we’ve got the second full length trailer for your viewing please. From the looks of things I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you didn’t like the first one you’re going to want to beat up a homeless person after this sucker.

There looks to be three different movies going on here. One where Michael has escaped from a hospital and is seeking his revenge, one where Laurie Strode has gone bat shit insane and taken on Michael’s personality and one where Loomis is lecturing at a college for 2 hours straight. If any of those sound interesting to you then you’re in luck. If you thought the first one was a little to all over the place then you might want to stay home on August 28th when “Halloween 2” hits theaters.

Me, I’ve still got hope. After all Weird Al is still very much listed on the IMDB so there’s a good chance I’ll at least enjoy some of this film. While we wait you can chat up your thoughts on the new trailer.


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