Llyoyd Kaufman Explains “Information Juice”

What is “information juice”? I’m not 100% sure but maybe you can figure it out after watching this five minute clip Troma’s own Llyoyd Kaufman delivered to the Independent Film and Television Alliance. The alliance is an association of independent producers and distributors of motion picture and television programming, that Kaufman also happens to be Chairperson of.

In the video Lloyd goes over the beauty of the internet and the joys of sites (such as this one) being able to report on a range of topics without outside input, free speech if you will. He also goes on to explain the dangers of “Evil Sgt. Giant Media Conglomerate” stepping in and mucking everything up. In short, you end up doing a week long special on the release of “Obsessed”, something I still think would have been a good idea.

So take a gander at the video and let us know your thoughts. If you ignore the odd cuts and sound effects there is a pretty good message in there, I think.


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