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The DVD Bargain Bin

9 Horror Hosts You Should Get to Know

Over the weekend of March 26th through March 28th, we here at Bloody Good Horror attended Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis, IN. It's an annual pilgrimage for the podcast crew and this year, we added the company of some of the staff writers to the mayhem as well! We weren't the most exciting part of the show however.

The DVD Bargain Bin

It's finally happened dear readers; The DVD Bargain Bin has jumped into modern times! Now for your purchasing ease you will find handy Amazon links for each title! While we're new to the idea of Amazon referrals, I'm sure all of you are already familiar with the concept! If you would like to help us out here at Bloody Good Horror, your click on the links below when you purchase your DVD's will help us out!

10 Horror Movie Pranks Gone Wrong

This Thursday marks the day that everybody on the internet sees themselves as comedic geniuses. They wow us with their intellect by making sarcastic web site skins, leaking fake news stories and making the servers of Snopes.com crash under the weight of every single person on the internet trying to one up each other. That's right, it's April Fool's Day!

The DVD Bargain Bin

Here's two things I love; Troma Studios and Bigfoot! Get the two combined together in Bob Gray's "Bigfoot"? Hey, why not! While your first expectation out of such a team up would be crazy amounts of blood and guts, you might be disappointed. It's not quite as gory as one would hope.

10 Things You'll See at Horrorhound Weekend

This weekend, throngs of horror fans, podcasters and bloggers will descend on the quiet streets of Indiapolis for Horrorhound Weekend. The best horror convention in the midwest is organized by the fine staff members of Horrorhound Magazine and manges to be a memorable experience for nearly five years running. This year, much like every year, we here at the Bloody Good Horror Podcast will be setting up our table to meet you, the fans and readers!

The DVD Bargain Bin

Three college students... how many movies start out with this plot device this days? Three college students attemtpt to shoot a film digging into each of their own worst fears. Chaos ensues!

8 Hotel Horrors

Hotels are supposed to be a place of relaxation and luxury, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes housekeeping decides to rifle through your underwear drawer, your neighbors have loud sex, or the manager is just bat-shit insane! Seeing as the Bloody Good Horror crew will be shacking up together next weekend for Horror Hound Weekend in beautiful Indianapolis, IN, it seemed quite fitting to remind everyone what the writing staff here could be in store for!

10 Horror Tinged Fairy Tales

Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" has now invaded our theaters and our visual senses, so it seems only fitting that we take a trip down fairy tale lane. Fairy tales and horror go hand in hand; many original fairy tales are filled with terror and violence all on their own! We couldn't be content with just taking them at their face value though, can we! So today, join me as we take a look at 10 Horror Tinged Fairy Tale movies!

10 Horror Video Games

If there is one thing I've been infatuated with over the years as much as horror, it's video games. From the early days of the Atari 2600 up until the XBOX 360, if I haven't owned one of the consoles out there, I've laid my hands on them at least once. Many hours have been whittled away staring at the TV screen with controller in hand, taking away from the time I had to watch my precious horror movies. Thankfully, there have always been a few horror video games out there to cover both bases!

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