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10 Aquatic Themed Horror Films

In case you hadn't noticed, it's Summer time folks! And judging from the chafing that's going on between my meaty thighs, it's one of the hottest ones that we've had in quite awhile too.

Sometimes the summer swelter can be overcoming but there is an easy remedy to take care of the sweat and fatigue that comes with the beating sun; go for a dip! The water is cool and refreshing and hell, a good swim is even good for you! That is until you realize that there are thousands of killer creatures that live in the water, both of the known variety and the unknown.

The DVD Bargain Bin

8 Killer Cars

As of Monday, it's officially summertime! And as we all know thanks to Will Smith's song of the same name, summer is the time to dust off that old hooptey and enjoy a nice, chill drive.

That's all well and good, until your car comes alive and tries to attack you. We've done the research for you so you can avoid just this kind of nightmare scenario. So check out, 8 Killer Cars!

The DVD Bargain Bin

The DVD Bargain Bin

The DVD Bargain Bin

7 Summer Camp Movies

It's officially summer vacation across the country and that means that kids everywhere are preparing to go to camp! Summer camp is a great place for kids, what with the outdoor activities, meeting friends, and growing as an individual. It's just an unfortunate side effect that summer camps also happen to be magnets for nut cases and masked killers!

So as you pack your bags and prepare to leave your parents abode for a week of mosquitoes, sunburn and bad food, remember to throw in an extra weapon or two and bone up on your defense skills with this list of 7 Summer Camp Movies!

The DVD Bargain Bin


During their nightly poker game a group of lowlifes are terrorized in their own convenience store by a masked killer.

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