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10 Holiday Horror Flicks

It's that time of year, the holiest of holy's! It's a time of togetherness, family and love! That doesn't mean you can't darken it up a little bit though. What better way to get your loved one to snuggle a little closer than by scaring the crap out of them? So grab that Snuggie your mom gave you for Christmas, fill up the egg nog tankard and cuddle up with your sweetie before the fire place and prepare to have your pants scared off with this list of 10 Holiday Horror Flicks"!

BGH Buyer's Guide: Fangoria Frightfest 2010

Eight Films to Die For. Seven DVDs to Get Scared By. Six Movies To Shit Your Pants To. Five Golden Rings. Seems like every DVD company nowadays is releasing their own series of indie horror movies, usually under one of the above banners. No matter your poison, no matter your fandom or genre, when you release a handful of these things at a time, there's bound to be a classic or two in there, made just for you. But which one? And, even worse, how much of an investment in total junk are you gonna have to make to find said classic?

The Top Ten Horror Movies of 2010

Dieter Laser of The Human Centipede

When the BGH Crew began discussing its nominations for its list of the top ten horror films of the year, one thing became rather obvious. While it's been a year filled with lots of quality horror films -- indeed, some might even say risky films -- there wasn't that one movie that broke away from the crowd to truly establish itself as the best.

Tricks & Treats at the Box Office

"Saw 3D" trailer promises bodily harm to audience.

October 31st is not just a day for trick or treating, it's also a day to reflect on the year in horror. With Halloween at our backs and Thanksgiving in Christmas looming before us, there will be no more theatrical horror releases in 2010. Sure, we might have some big budget affairs, such as "Skyline," or indie horror releases, such as "Heartless," to look forward to, but as for things that go bump or monsters that prowl, the time for expectation is largely over.

9 Over-done Halloween Costumes

As Andy Williams once sang, "It's the most wonderful time of the year"! Sure, he was talking about a different holiday, but I think you'll all agree with me that the statement is just as fitting for Halloween! It's a time to get spooky, a time to get scary. A time to transform yourself into a wholly different character that resembles nothing of your true self and be somebody else for a night!

And who doesn't love that?

The DVD Bargain Bin

Carnivorous [Blu-ray]

When a Voodoo spells awaken a giant serpent, Army
special ops vet and master hunter, Nick Kirabo (DMX) is

The DVD Bargain Bin

The DVD Bargain Bin

Blood Bath - 12 Movie Collection

12 uniquely terrifying films packaged together in one sublimely horrific movie collection.

The DVD Bargain Bin

The DVD Bargain Bin

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