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Best Horror Movies of 2011: Eric's Take


Editor's Note: The Bloody Good Horror crew has compiled the official BGH list of the best films of of 2011. Before we unleash this historic compilation, however, we will be counting down each contributor's votes for the best... and worst... of 2011. First up, Editor-in-Chief Eric!

Best of 2011

Insidious - Easily the scariest film I've seen in years. I've avoided re-watching it because I'm quite fond of sleeping at night.

10 Parasitic Horror Movies

The typical reaction when I mention parasites is for a small shudder to course though the listener's body and some kind of verbal reaction such as, "Oh man, gross!" But really, are they so bad? They just want to be inside you. Uh...wait, they just want to live off of you. Er... they don't eat much?

10 Carnival Themed Horror Movies.

The carnival is the perfect breeding ground for fear. Strangers on the fringe of society, brought together to drift about the country bringing their acts and oddities to the 'normies' of the world. Well, it's either that romantic stuff or the fear of that toothless carnie putting your kid on the super swing. All the same, nearly everybody's afraid of SOMETHING at the carnival!

10 Kid Centric Horror Flicks in time for "Super 8"

Today J. J. Abrams unleashes his long teased "Super 8" on the nation and the internet will be aflutter with praise, hate and general malaise towards the well meaning producer. From the commercials we know little more than the facts that there is a monster and a group of kids that are hell bent on dealing with it. That alone gives promises of classics such as "The Goonies" and "Explorers" and I say, that's not a bad thing at all!

9 Alien Invasion Movies

Ask any tin foil wearing conspiracy enthusiast and they'll tell you; we are not alone. With our powers of deduction and knowledge of xenomorph ideologies, we just know they're going to be violent and intent on kicking our puny earthling asses! Either that or a movie based on a ship full of tree hugging pacifist aliens just isnt' very exciting.

10 Horror Teamups

The horror genre is no stranger to the "buddy" team up, even though they may not be obvious at first glance. Here's 10 such teamups for your next buddy movie marathon.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Running strong in the festival circuit, “Tucker and Dale” brings together the majesty of a bearded Tyler Labine and a grimy Alan Tudyke. The natural comedic timing between these two lugs is astounding! Watch it, enjoy it.

Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein

10 Phases of Nic Cage's Hair

Nic Cage has had a varied career. He’ s played family men, vampires, business tycoons and more. His range carries him from one role to the next with ease. There is only one thing more varied that Cage’s roles and that is his hair.

It’s been big, it’s been slick, it’s been high and tight and more. Sometimes the hair draws more attention than the role, other times it’s a silent sidekick waiting in the wings for its time to shine. Join me today in honor this week’s release of “Drive Angry 3D” as we take a journey through the 10 Phases of Nic Cage’s Hair.

Drive Angry

10 Winter Horror Movies

Winter. I think it’s a safe assumption that we’re all sick of it. The groundhog sacked up and braved his shadow so spring is on the horizon. Let’s not forget that we’re in the middle of February though. Sure, we’re seeing 50 degree temps in central Indiana but Mother Nature could turn around and slap us with another foot of snow at any moment and nobody would really be surprised.

The bleakness of winter is wearing us all down, so why not bolster that depression with 10 Winter Horror Flicks?


9 Modern Slashers

Slasher killers have been around for ages and if you've seen Adam Green's "Hatchet" flicks, he's working hard to show you exactly what the early style was all about. Since the year 2000, there has been a solid handful of slashers, all trying to mix things up with their own recipes for carnage.

On the next the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, we cover "Hatchet 2", so why not take a look at 9 Modern Slashers to go along with the mayhem?

Victor Crowley - Hatchet

10 Crazy Ladies of Film

Hollywood long ago latched on to the idea that a crazy woman is a good plot piece for a thriller. That's not to say all women are crazy; many are in fact quite nice! It does however make for an interesting counterpoint to the legions of male centric slashers we have running out there.

With this week's release of "The Roommate", why not re-visit some of the other Crazy Ladies of Film!

Single White Female

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