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Give it a Chance: Gremlins 2

I was getting ready for work today (aka flipping through the channels) when I stumbled upon Joe Dante's "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" on one of the many incarnations of HBO I have. Having not seen it in ages I decided to sit down and reminisce a bit. By the time it was over, a flood of nostalgia had washed over me along with the realization that I could not understand why people hate on this movie so much (that, and I was late for work).

Masters of Horror: Third Time's the Charm?

While the show’s quality may have been erratic, Masters of Horror represented one of horror’s only remaining forays onto mainstream television. So when news hit a little ways back that Showtime was giving it the ax despite the show’s decent performance with viewers, it could be viewed as nothing short of a solid blow to horror fans everywhere. But now, with the news that Masters of Horror will be back under the Lionsgate banner, time has come for everyone involved to stop pussyfooting around and live up to the show’s moniker.

Give it a Chance: Friday the 13th Part V

For anyone who was sitting down in a theater in 1985 expecting to see the rebirth of Jason Voorhees, what they got with "A New Beginning" was understandably disappointing. Simply stated, it's not Jason doing the killings. Instead, we get the story of a disgruntled paramedic who decides to adopt Jason's killing style after seeing the mutilated body of his son...

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