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DVD Releases for 11/25/2008

It's that perfect Holiday of the year folks; time to go shopping! Er...and eat turkey. Yah, that's it! If you're like me, you'll be avoiding the stores like a plague on Friday, so what better time to curl up on the couch with your stretchy waistband pants as you recover from a day of eating with... horror DVD's!


Nothing says 'Thanksgiving' like girls in chains, so why not celebrate with Girls in Chains!


Comics Creepshow 16: The X-Files

Want an original adventure with Mulder and Scully but don’t feel like going near their recent so-so reviewed film? You can’t go wrong by checking out Wildstorm’s brand new X-FILES comic, written by Frank Spotnitz and drawn by Brian Denham. Though this first issue is very low key in regards to action and X-files mythology, it still delivers a compelling story, and captures the magic of the hit 1990’s tv show.

Win Bub Figures From Amok Time!

It's almost time for Thanksgiving, and that means that MonstersHD is gearing up for their THANKSGIVING DAY OF THE DEAD spectacular. This year that means a zombie movie marathon if you're one of the lucky people who receives the channel. If you don't however, this Thanksgiving will also mark the online debut of both Howard Kurtzman's "The Rage", and George Romero's zombie classic "Day of the Dead".

DVD Releases for 11/18/2008

The beginning of November has been sparse as Horror DVD's go, and remains so as retailers gear up for the black Friday onslaught! We still have a couple of titles worth investigating though on the New Release shelf!


"Hellboy II" was the only vaguely horror release on the shelves last week, so it's getting an honorable mention this week. That's because, it's a great flick and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to.


Comics Creepshow 15: Devil Slayer

BUFFY needs to check her copyright information and HELLBOY needs to protect his demonic ass. There is a new slayer in town- DEVIL SLAYER. DEVIL SLAYER is Marvel’s brand new spinoff book for its DEAD OF NIGHT series, and it is so good, I am forced to take back the Marvel-horror bashing that I let out during my DANNY KETCH: GHOST RIDER review. DEVIL SLAYER is horror comics done right.

Comics Creepshow 14: Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

There was alot of controversy on this site, regarding the possibility of Jason Vorhees being a zombie. I’m here to put that debate to rest. Jason is not a zombie. He is a deadite. I wish I could say you heard it here first, but if you read the fifth issue of the FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH comic, that‘s old news. Earlier this week, Eric mentioned that the FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH 2 comic was in the works, so I figured now would be the best time to give the original FVJVA the Comics Creepshow treatment.

DVD's for 11/5/2008

It's election week, so this report is 1. a day late and 2. pretty barebones. But, as your appointed DVD Dictator, I still strive to get the word out! This week sees the return of a classic series...well...at least one of the movies was classic, and two monsterous TV series to help while away the hours in your post election euphoria!

[inline:return to sleepaway camp.jpg]

Comics Creepshow 13: Hellboy

There were quite a few books to choose from for this week’s column. First off, you had Steve Niles’ newest mini-series starting up called SAVAGE. I would give you a small description of it, but I couldn’t really tell what the hell was going on in that first issue. A new stand alone story, based on a Frank Frazetta painting called THE SWAMP DEMON, was another possibility, but I have already covered Frazetta inspired comics in this column. I toyed with the idea of reviewing a super hero comic called FINAL CRISIS: RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS.

From Spain With Love


Starring Olivia Pascal, Christopher Moosbrugger, Nadja Gerganhoff

Directed by Jesus Franco

Severin Films

DVD Releases for 10/28/2008

Resent weeks at the DVD shop have been slow, but this week we get heaped upon with a handful of solid disks, just in time for Halloween scares! There's splatter, there's satire, there's even boobies. Read on for a look at what's new this week in DVD!


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