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9 Horrible Horror Dads

Jack Nicholdson in "The Shining"

Happy Father's Day weekend everyone! It's that time of year where you buy your dad an ugly tie, socks, or just a new flask so he can cope with being a parent a little while longer. The horror genre also has dads all throughout its film lore. Ranging from virus spreading buffoons, to simple child murderers. Real stand up gentlemen these patriarchs. SPOILERS abound, but here are 9 Horrible Horror Dads.

9. The Mist

The Father Figure: David Drayton played by Thomas Jane

9 Space Themed Horror Movies

Let's all freak out, "Prometheus" opens today. The excitement is palpable (even with mixed reviews coming in) and I personally can't wait to get thrown out of an airlock once more by Ridley Scott. There's a lot to be excited for with the film: a new entry in the Alien franchise, the release of a big budget sci-fi horror film, and more Michael Fassbender in our lives. Though its the sci-fi horror angle that will always get me, particularly with a setting in space and outer worlds. So this week I'm running down 9 Scary Space Movies in preparation of the big debut.

My 9 Most Anticipated Horror Films of the Summer

Logan Marshall-Green, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Prometheus

Summer movie season is here in all it's popcorn filled glory. Though as fun and indulgent as this time of year is for film fans, it can often leave horror fans wanting. Yet a strong set of films is on the horizon that should keep genre fans relatively happy throughout their summer break. So without further ado here are the 9 Most Anticipated Summer Genre Films.

9. Piranha 3DD

Date: June 1
Director: John Gulager

Top Five Overused Horror Settings

Editor's Note: Hey guy's, your Editor-in-Chief here. The following article has been written by a guest, Jimmy McShane of HalloweenCostumes.com. If you like what you read, be sure to pay them a visit!

5: The Cabin in the Woods

5 Unsettling Documentaries

With the glut of found footage, mocumentaries and ghost hunter TV shows one could forgive the average movie-goer for being numb to the whole concept of ‘journalistic’ chronicles of actual events as a way to tweak their horror bone. I myself seem to be turning a cold shoulder to many of the latest offerings from the documentary or near documentary-style area of the genre. “Paranormal Activity 3”, “Apollo 18”, TV’s “The River” are all ideas that would have had me lining up 10 years ago; in today’s climate the best I can muster is a ‘Meh, maybe I’ll catch it streaming on Netflix’.

5 of Horror Cinema's Most Unhinged Women

The tradition of violent or treacherous women in cinema goes back almost as far as film itself. Having said that the golden age of devilish female characters would probably have to be the post-war years when Film Noir unleashed a torrent of deceitful Delilahs into cinemas the world over. Though Noir and Femme Fatales had existed in film in the years prior to World War II it was in the dying euphoria after the war’s end that the portrayals of driven and often vicious women really captured the American public’s imagination.

5 Frightening Paintings

Every so often I see a film that claws open my primal dread and makes me question the location of the moral Mendoza line with regards to graphic subject matter and content. When this happens I find it helpful to pull back and remind myself that the most demented minds of the cinematic world have nothing on the ones who have committed their nightmares to canvas, wood and plaster. Painters the world over have been reflecting their most annihilating spiritual and existential fears on walls and durable cloth for centuries unnumbered.

5 Euro Femmes Fantastic

I don’t know about you but the pages of “Men’s Magazines” have always seemed a paltry tease to me. Too often they feature interchangeable nymphettes with immaculate, post-orthodonture smiles, jelly cutlets in their brassieres and misted bronze flesh that bounces light like a forgotten hotdog rolling into oblivion on a carnival cooker. To be frank, I want my objectification to be more objective.

Reckoning the Number of the Beast - The 30th Anniversary Final

What a week it's been. The hours that have been invested in this project are numerous, that is to be sure. Certainly though, "The Number of the Beast" is an album that must be treated with sufficient respect and grandeur. As we have discussed and reminisced all week, "The Number of the Beast" means more to heavy metal and the history of the genre than nearly all other albums before or since. It is a symbol of all we as metal fans hold dear, and a true testament to the staying power and virility of heavy metal that is perfectly executed.

Reckoning the Number of the Beast - The 30th Anniversary Part 4

I've been saying all week that Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast," now turning 30 years old , is a pinnacle achievement in the history of heavy metal and in the pantheon of the world's greatest, most memorable albums. It is a dynamic experience, rife with differing styles, musical ideas and divergent themes. Over the course of the week, I've enlisted other writers from the ranks here at Bloody Good Horror, as well as the world at large. For the final act of this week-long way ward play, I intended to reach out to the farthest corners of the heavy metal universe and have as many people feed back to me what their experience of Iron Maiden's cardinal effort are and were. What quickly became apparent in talking with friends, coworkers and contacts is that "The Number of the Beast" is an experience so tied into personal memory that people remember where they were and what they were doing when they first heard it.

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