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The State of Horror: Extreme Times

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Comics Creepshow 29: The Roberts

THE ROBERTS story is only two issues, but at only two dollars more than a regular comic, and more than double the regular comic size, there really is no excuse not to go to your local shop and pick up this book. Issue one is told from the perspective of Robert Kenneth Sprunger, The Boston Strangler. Those of you who are serial killer experts might say this is impossible, since the real life Boston Strangler was incarcerated and then murdered in prison. Well, according to Robert Kenneth Sprunger’s narration, the cops got the wrong guy.

DVD Releases for 2/24/2009

It's a whole new week in the new release aisle and there are plenty to choose from. Everything from Eric Roberts and giant computerized Cyclops, Argento flashbacks, teen age possessions, and scantily clad women dressed like Batman stake their claim this week!


Box Office Special - Fans Flee Crystal Lake

One of horror's most unstoppable monsters may have been laid to rest this weekend, replaced by another unstoppable force — the one known as Tyler Perry. In its opening weekend, "Madea Goes to Jail," the fourth theatrical film to star Perry's alter ego, put up over $41 million. That total, which is slightly higher than "Friday's" 3-day take last week, is the biggest opening for a Perry film, and it has made "Jail" Perry's first ever number one film.

Comics Creepshow 28: Randall Flagg

With Comics, just as in any other medium, there are single stories that seem so well developed that you would believe the writer spent months, if not years, crafting the tale. Comic book writer/Novelist, Neil Gaiman is the perfect example of a writer who has produced a few of these types of stories throughout his career (and for you Batman fans- please, please, please pick up BATMAN # 686, which I consider to be one of the best Batman stories ever told!) Alan Moore also fits into this category. You might have read a story he wrote in the 80’s. I believe it was called WATCHMEN.

BGH Book Club: The Keeper

Sarah Langan first came to my attention as part of the same review that had originally led me to "Come Closer," which I wrote about in a previous BGH Book Club. "The Keeper," first published in 2006, was Langan's first novel, which she has since followed up with a second called "The Missing." Though she may be a relatively new name, Langan's knowledge of horror and skill at utilizing the tropes of the genre are on display from th

Box Office Special - A Fortuitous "Friday"

With that glorious work respite President's Day now in our rear-view mirrors, it's time to assess the damage done by Jason Voorhees at the box office. The bottom line is pretty impressive: $40.7 million from Friday to Sunday, and an extra $4.5 mil for the holiday, for a total of $45.2 million over the four-day weekend. "Friday" also picked up an additional $10 million overseas in this first weekend.

Comics Creepshow 27: NYC Comic Con 2009

As per every year at the New York Comiccon, featured at the Jacob Javits Center, many people were practicing the art of cosplay- the art of dressing up and acting like your favorite fictional character (just check out Christine’s newest blog for evidence). There was an excellent Cobra Commander walking around, as well as at least four versions of Snake Eyes to give him a karate chop. Besides that, there were a few people sporting trench coats and masks decorated with rorshack paintings, in honor of the upcoming ‘Watchmen; movie.

Comics Creepshow 26: Hotwire

After a week off, Comics Creepshow is back, and just in time for the biggest comics related event in NYC- New York Comiccon!! Are you going to be there? If you do show, keep your eyes open for a tall red headed guy, with duct tape on his glasses and a Bloody Good Horror tee shirt on - That’s me.

DVD Releases for 2/3/2009

The holiday months were pretty light as far as new releases go, but February marks their return with a vengeance! A full 13 titles to mark the re-release of Friday the 13th? Coincidence? Maybe.


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