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The DVD Bargain Bin

This week's Bargain Bin sees the release of a couple of buzz-backed indie flicks and a handful of Direct to Video garbage!

The DVD Bargain Bin

It's Tuesday and that means new DVD's! This week sees a highly anticipated release, one release that is going to confuse people into thinking that Louis Fowler has finally hit the big time, and a handful of old school horrors! Set your sights on 'cringe' and get ready for a trip to... The DVD Bargain Bin!

"Laid To Rest" Premiere Coverage!

Deep beneath the bowels of the Los Angeles Marriot Hotel resides Laemmle’s Grande 4-Plex Theater, a rustic Cineplex reeking with the age-old air conditioning, stale popcorn and urinal cakes. For some, a theater like this wouldn’t seem fitting for a Hollywood premiere. But when that film is a gritty slasher like Robert Hall’s "Laid to Rest", the combination is a match made in hell.

This past Saturday, a small crowd of die-hard horror fans assembled at the Grande 4-Plex to experience the the film's premiere, which hits DVD shelves everywhere this week.

The DVD Bargain Bin

This week's Bargain Bin comes packed with some must have collectibles and some decent new films to check out. There are the customary stinkers as well, so buyer beware!

The Hellraiser Blu-ray Edition marks the first coverage of blu-ray releases for the DVD Bargain Bin! If any movie deserves the hi-def treatment, "Hellraiser" is it.

Fulci Lives!


Starring Catriona MacColl, David Warbeck, Al Cliver

Directed by Lucio Fulci

Grindhouse Releasing

It seems that, since just about everyone in the world of horror is so well aware of "The Beyond", and, even more appropriately for me, everyone in the world of horror has already written their own opinions about it, that to add mine just seems, well, totally redundant. You might as well title this “Not Another 'The Beyond' Review”.

Win "Mum & Dad" DVD's!

If you follow the foreign horror scene, you've probably heard of Steven Sheil's feature "Mum & Dad". It's the latest UK sickie to hit US shores, and our writer Todd recently chimed in with his own thoughts.

If nothing else, it proves that British productions are on the forefront of the genre, tackling themes and scenarios that other countries wouldn’t dare touch. “Mum & Dad” definitely pushes this type of subgenre in an exciting new direction.

The DVD Bargain Bin

It's time to restock the Bargain Bin once again as Tuesday rolls around and the new releases hit the shelf! With two 80's classics and a handful of direct to video cheese ready to go, this makes the third week of April a light one, but a decent one none the less!

Review of Toxic Avenger: The Musical

One thing leads to another and Melvin finds his way into a giant vat of toxic goo.

The DVD Bargain Bin - 4/7/2009

Last week in the Bargain Bin brought an onslaught of epic proportions upon our wallets. This week lightens the attack a bit with one major studio release and a whole host of solid direct to video titles.

Ben Rock talks "Alien Raiders"

For my money, it's best to do as much as possible practically.

- Ben Rock

So what were the origins of "Alien Raiders"?

It was actually an idea of Dan Myrick's. His idea was to set something fantastic and grandiose like an alien invasion film in the most mundane place of all - a supermarket. The title at the time was actually "Supermarket".

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