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The DVD Bargain Bin

Lord Fodyce is returning to his ancient castle with his new wife. Unbeknownst to him, he already returned weeks before and murdered the crap out of the countryside! Black Torment looks to be euro-sleeze like only Redemption Studios can deliver!

The DVD Bargain Bin

Starring the un-famous Duff sister Haylie, Backwoods is...hold on here you're going to be surprised...a story about a group of young people heading off to the woods, only to be attacked by weirdos. Originally premiering as a Spike TV "Movies for Guys" original flick, this has promise written all over it.

The DVD Bargain Bin

In the event that you have been living in a cave, there was a remake of a well known 80's slasher released this year called "Friday the 13th"! Now it's here for your viewing pleasure at home in both a theatrical flavor and a 'killer cut' which sounds cutting and edgy and down right amazing! Or so the marketing department hopes.

The DVD Bargain Bin

Yet another show cut short in its prime, this Reaper Season 2 set will be the last one we get to see. If you haven't seen it, "Reaper" is definitely worth a watch.

The DVD Bargain Bin

The thrill and excitement of "Anaconda 3: Blood Orchid" continues in Anacondas: Trail of Blood! This time around, the giant genetically altered snake that was cut in two at the end of the 3rd film? He's regenerated into two snakes, and they're hungry or something.

Lars Von Trier: The Man Behind the Madness

I saw “The Element of Crime” when I was about 17. It was one of the first foreign films that I ever attempted to watch without parental encouragement. The experience was befuddling, boring and by the end, thoroughly captivating. I still don’t entirely understand what Lars Von Trier was going for with this watery vision of end times, but I suspect that is probably true for anyone who has seen it. In fact this may be a good way to inform the inexperienced viewer who wants to venture into the Von Trier world.

Bloggers Wanted!

It's about that time again for us at Bloody Good Horror to start recruiting horror loving nuts to help us out. See that picture above? Think of me as Jack Nicholson, the wise sage-like father of Bloody Good Horror. And young Danny there, well he represents this fledgling horror site and the potential that it has to grow into a strapping young lad who talks to an imaginary friend who lives in his finger.

The DVD Bargain Bin

A collection of five spooky shorts, Beneath the Flesh dubs itself as "Kafka meets Lynch meets Burroughs via Cronenberg." That seems pretty generous but we'll see.

The DVD Bargain Bin

HBO fans the world over were impressed by their take on the Charlaine Harris series, now you get to own it on DVD! True Blood Season 1 has a ton of extras packed in with it, so definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of Anna Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse!

The DVD Bargain Bin

In this third installment of the "Underworld" series, Rhona Mitra steps up to fill the leather body suit of Kate Beckinsale. Drifiting back into the past in prequel fashion, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans gives us the historical tale of how the Vamps. Vs. Wolves war got its start.

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