Let's talk horror comics!

I figure I should break up the snobby doom and gloom of recent posts and talk about something positive for once. Old and new, horror comics. Pimp your favorites. They don't even have to be strictly horror comics, horror themed arcs in other books are totally welcome!

I'll kick it off with a few of my favorites.

Locke & Key
Written by Joe Hill, pen name of the son of Stephen King, the series acts as a pilot for a longer series that kicks off in November of this year. It tells the story of the surviving members of a family who move to Massachusetts to live with their uncle after a pair of teen killers murder their father. Features great writing that hints at a larger story (to be further fleshed out in coming books) and excellent art by Gabriel Rodriguez. Published by IDW who made a name for themselves with 30 Days of Night. Great stuff.

Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #14-18 (The Vampiric Verses)
I always felt like Dr. Strange got the shaft in the Marvel Universe. He's such a wasted character with so much potential. The Vampiric Verses was a blip in the early 90's direct market book, Sorcerer Supreme and it took on a distinctly Anne Rice approach to its vampires featuring outstanding, moody art and great writing. Not sure if this available in trades but back issues can be purchased for cover price since I'm about the only person who liked this book.

Swamp Thing
Before Alan Moore took it over, Swamp Thing fucking sucked so you can pretty much ignore everything about this book prior to issue #21. When Moore took over, the book became seriously dark and psychedelic. It's one of the greatest examples I can think of the 80's British invasion of comics. DC let Moore run wild with the character and he more or less scrapped everything and retconned the character so that he never was Dr. Alec Holland, he only thought he was. Holland was dead and Swamp Thing was actually this force of nature. When the deviant storyline isn't freaking you out with its Tales From The Crypt vibe, it's actually a touching love story. The entire book peaked with issues 43-50, collected in Volume 4, A Murder Of Crows with a battle between primal forces. It is, quite possibly, the perfect comic.

These are just the first three that came to mind. I could talk at length about these. Hit me with yours. Let's get a discussion going.

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