I've been excited about a Wonder Woman movie

It seems as of late comic book movies are unstoppable. From mainstream favorites like Batman to the more cultish Watchmen, everyone seems to be getting their moment on the big screen. Why not Wonder Woman?

This list, entitled "10 Reasons No One Cares About Wonder Woman", infuriated me. Then I actually read it. It's pretty dead on. I mean, I thought I wanted more Wonder Woman, but this list makes some valid points.

I think it was probably just the pseudo feminist in me, or the Lynda Carter fan, or the fact that I went positively bananas when Joss Whedon was attached to the film that made me excited for it. Without Joss my interest has wained quite a bit. I'm also pretty sure that Lynda Carter circa 1976 won't be cast in any new projects. Could Wonder Woman even be spun into a fantastic flick?

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