I'm okay with a Friday the 13th Remake

I do a lot of bitching about remakes even though I should know better. A while back I read a remark by George Romero concerning the remake of Dawn of the Dead that put everything into perspective for me. To paraphrase, since I'm too lazy to find the actual quote, he said that a remake of Dawn of the Dead in no way changes his original movie and that it will always be around, so what's the problem?

Makes a lot of sense to me. But there's still some juvenile part of me that gets bent out of shape when the sacred cows of the genre get the remake treatment. I post poorly informed rants both here and at my own site and somehow get away with it.

I'm also an admitted addict of the slasher subgenre. I love them! Even the lame ones. Don't know why. I've gone over my opinions of the leaders of the pack in a previous blog and made it abundantly clear that I'm a Friday the 13th fan. The recent remake wave certainly couldn't resist hitting this franchise up but from the start, from the initial announcement that Friday was gonna get it, I haven't been terribly upset. I wasn't even that bummed when I heard that Platinum Dunes was doing it. And why is that? I'll tell you why.

I feel that Friday the 13th and it's many sequels has probably been the most twisted, bizarre and mangled of all the slasher movies. More so, even, than Halloween. The mythology of Jason Voorhees barely has any kind of continuity from movie to movie.

He's faced off against psychics, been burned horribly by toxic waste, taken an axe to the head, been literally blown to pieces, resurrected by lightning, cryogenically frozen and then thawed on a freakin' space ship where he was again blown to pieces and then reconstructed by a computer! He's also been in Freddy Krueger's dream world and dragged down to hell. I ask you this: how much more outrageous could you possibly make this series? A remake or a reboot couldn't possibly harm the Jason Voorhees canon at all.

I even go so far to defend this upcoming remake when people roll their eyes and groan about it. As far as I'm concerned, this is not a remake. This is another bona fide sequel. Another much more fundamental form that Jason takes on.

The comic con footage that leaked out is pretty crappy but gives you a good idea of what you can expect and from what I've seen, this reboot has all the necessary elements to make this just another Friday sequel. Killer in a hockey mask, mother's severed head, stupid teen victims-to-be and a big ass machette.

Am I excited for this remake? I never thought I would say this, but yes. I am.

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