"Hot Girls in Scary Places" Coming in March

It seems ridiculous that no one has thought of this before, but the good people at E! have taken the "frighten the crap out of people" reality TV show to the next level. Currently scheduled to air as a special on March 13th, "Hot Girls in Scary Places" will take 3 friends from the University of Southern California cheer squad and put them in an abandoned hospital for the night.

Currently, only the pilot has been filmed, but we can hope and pray that it will be picked up for more episodes. The details of how the girls will actually compete are a little sparse but at the end of the night one girl will win $10,000 and the hearts of America. The show is being put out by Go Go Luckey Productions, the same company that brought you such gems as “Laguna Beach” and “Paranormal State”. I’m only guessing here but I assume this show will be along the same lines as the short lived MTV show “Fear”. Except rather then whiny teenagers who think they’re going to die it will feature whiny girls in cheerleader uniforms who think they’re going to die. Sounds like a winner to me!


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