Get your own god damn blog!

I will tell anyone who will listen that sites like my own, Cinema Suicide, Bloody Good Horror and Lost Highway are the next wave of genre movie reporting. Turns out that other people, including personalities around here, share this opinion. Usually I'm just high on my own sense of self-importance but when my own arrogance crosses over with the thoughts of other people, I tend to find some validity there. You can't see me right now, but I'm patting myself on the back. I really ought to invest in an 'I Called It' banner and ticker tape like Colbert has on his show.

Not enough people know this and I certainly don't want to speak for everyone, but what I do over at Cinema S, is very cheap and extremely easy. The wide availability of blog software like Wordpress (which I run) and content management systems like Drupal and Joomla make the process of publishing your own writing on the web so simple that it hurts. You can even use Ning to make your own social network like these guys. The most expensive part of what I do is paying for hosting, which through my host (Godaddy), is exceptionally fucking cheap. And if you don't even have the $50 for a domain name and a year of hosting, Blogger and Wordpress have hosted blogs that are completely free.

What I'm getting at is that web applications have become so powerful, sophisticated, flexible and free that no one has an excuse anymore to NOT publish their own reviews or just blog about horror.

We're a rising force, too. Since only the big horror sites are competing for market share these days, there's plenty of room for the rest of us. We're networking and forming a community that matters to the marketing arms of studios and distributors. Pull quotes from us small fries are starting to appear on marketing materials for DVD releases. Cinema S contributor, The Film Fiend was recently quoted in the press release announcing the DVD of Bryan Loves You from Anchor Bay.

I bring this up because I've been approached by a lot of people over the last few months asking about or submitting articles to be published and I have to be the asshole editor who doles out the diplomatic line, "Sorry. We are not accepting submissions at this time." Which is why I started Cinema Suicide in the first place. There's only so many times you can see that in an email or some variation thereof before you think, "You know what, Magazine X? Suck it," and start your own site. So when I shoot someone down and tell them that they can't write for me, I usually follow it up with a lengthy explanation of how they can just cut out the middle man and do it for themselves. We're at a point where there's just no reason not to.

The ball is in your court. Get blogging already. Get involved. The community is growing and you can be a part of it.

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