"Flight Of The Navigator" Remake Coming

When I was 8 I pretty much had one goal in life, to fly an alien space ship all over the world while listening to the Beach Boys. On one glorious February night in 2005, thanks in part to two kegs and about 6 beer bongs, I made that dream a reality. Or at least that’s what I remember, it could of just been the booze. In any case, this dream was inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies, the Disney classic “Flight Of The Navigator”.

Disney has confirmed they will in fact be remaking the film for a whole new audience of kids out there and I for one couldn’t be happier. The original came out in 1986 which means I likely haven't watched it in about 20 years. There’s a good chance it hasn’t held up over time and if I went back and re-watched it now it would crush my childhood memories. Either way, here's to hoping that with the release of the remake the original will get the full Disney DVD treatment. “Flight Of The Navigator” on Blu-Ray could be pretty interesting.

For those of you not familiar with the film, it tells the story of a 12 year old boy who is abducted by a alien spacecraft in 1978. He reappears 8 years later with no memory of what happened and appears to be the same age. Needless to say NASA freaks out and starts poking and prodding the boy and examining the ship. He eventually escapes, hops in his craft and awesomeness ensues. That about covers it.

John Hyde, who was the executive producer on the original will also take the production lead on the remake. Brad Copeland, who wrote the script for the Disney film “Wild Hogs” back in 07 will be be penning the script for the remake. Copeland has also written for the TV shows "My Name Is Earl", "Arrested Development" and "News Radio", so this could be pretty interesting as long as Tim Allen doesn’t get cast.

So far there's no news about when filming will begin or if any of the original cast will appear in the film so I leave you with the trailer for the original. Enjoy!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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