Fired Investment Banker Turns to Horror

Times are tough my friends. Working in New York City I see people getting shit canned left and right and there’s no end in sight. So what’s a 41 year old Wall Street investment banker to do when he finds himself out on his ass? Write a script for a horror movie and get a freakin camera of course.

“Evil Things” probably doesn’t have the most original story ever. Five college students travel to Upstate NY for the weekend of fun. Of course one jackass has to video tape the entire trip so they can relive all their wonderful memories for years to come. I think you see where this is going. They disappear without a trace and a few months later the tape is found by the police. Now before we go any further I just want to say that if any of us ever go on a road trip you better leave the damn video camera at home. If I’ve learned anything from horror films in the past 5 years it’s the moment some obnoxious asshole presses record all hell is going to break loose. But that’s neither here nor there.

The story behind the film is pretty original. Writer and director Dominic Perez picked himself up after being laid off from his job and decided to make a film. After spending 3 months writing a script he headed to the Catskill region of Upstate NY and filmed the entire movie in 7 days. The short filming schedule meant he had to adjust on the fly. When a snow storm hit the first day of shooting he wrote it into the script. When his lead actress became ill he worked that into the story. Once filming was done he spent another month editing and that was it, his movie was done. Hardcore low budget filming at it’s finest.

Right now Perez is sending “Evil Things” out to the festival circuit and hoping the film will be picked up for distribution. You can’t even find the movie on IMDB at the moment but hopefully that will change in the near future. I’m really pulling for this guy. "Evil Things" doesn’t look half bad and I think it’s an awesome story. You can check out the trailer below and with any luck be able to watch the full movie soon.


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