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It's a light load this week, being it's Christmas and all, but at least we have a great Scifi film and a stinker from The Asylum to tide us over until the new year.

At this point in the game, District 9 needs little in the way of introduction. You know you want to own one of the finest science fiction flicks of the past decade in your personal collection!
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Remember back in the day when Erica Eleniak was the next big breasted beauty to take over B-Movies? Probably not. Her movie Captive chronicling the a girl who's botched suicide attempt lands her in an evil insane asylum may remind you.
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You can't really expect a company like "The Asylum" to let an high grossing opportunity slip by. So with no surprise whatsover, they've pushed Paranormal Entity out the door with demonic speed!
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There's pretty much no plot information available online for Shattered Lives which is always a good sign. My detective powers have revealed that there is a little girl with mental powers and killer clowns involved. So there's that.
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