The Top Ten Horror Movies of 2010

Dieter Laser of The Human Centipede

When the BGH Crew began discussing its nominations for its list of the top ten horror films of the year, one thing became rather obvious. While it's been a year filled with lots of quality horror films -- indeed, some might even say risky films -- there wasn't that one movie that broke away from the crowd to truly establish itself as the best.

But as with all things in life, 2010 was proof that sometimes trading quantity for quality, can be a great thing. We tallied the votes to capture the full range of opinions of the Bloody Good Horror staff. So without further ado, here are Bloody Good Horror's official selections for best horror films of 2010 -- starting with a 3-way tie at number 9.

9 (tie). Paranormal Activity 2
BGH head-honcho Eric says: "I loved that little pool cleaner. I hope he survived. "

9 (tie). Predators
Lovable bear Casey says: "Predators boiled down to plain old action flick fun. Adrien Brody wasn't too shabby either!"
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9 (tie). Frozen
Webmaster Mark says: "Frozen" is the type of film that's so startlingly simple and gripping that it makes you wonder why every horror movie isn't made the same way."
8. The Human Centipede: First Sequence
BGH reviewer John Shelton says: "[It was] better made and more tongue in cheek than most people give it credit fo... SHIT! I HAVE TO SHIT!"
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7. Shutter Island
BGH lady of the trailers Erin says: "Even though you saw the ending a mile away the film worked, it had excellent creepy atmosphere."
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