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Well, Thanksgiving is over. Why not kick off the Christmas season with one of the best holiday themed creature features yet? Gremlins should be on every Blu-ray convert's Christmas list!

Sure, it's a step down in quality as far as festive blood letting goes, but Silent Night, Deadly Night does have its charms! So why not throw a box set with all of the sequels on the list as well!

The zombie meme simply isn't enough anymore, so why not combine it with some other stuff? That's what Deader Country did when they decided to introduce us to a half man, half alien, all zombie monster! They might want to check their math though.

I'm not to sure what sounds more horrific about Little Red Devil; the story of a young bad boy who falls in with a dark and dangerous crowd, or the fact that it stars Daniel Baldwin.

Robert and Allen are your typical yuppies turned bikers on the weekend. They're feeling pretty bad ass until they run into two real bikers who abduct their wives and turn their weekend ride into a nightmare. I'm not positive, but Poker Run could be an educational documentary from the Hell's Angels to ward off other would be yuppie bikers.

Your typical good cop/whining serial killer victim tale, Sins of the Father sounds like "Zodiac" light before the credits even roll.

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