DVD Releases for 11/25/2008

It's that perfect Holiday of the year folks; time to go shopping! Er...and eat turkey. Yah, that's it! If you're like me, you'll be avoiding the stores like a plague on Friday, so what better time to curl up on the couch with your stretchy waistband pants as you recover from a day of eating with... horror DVD's!


Nothing says 'Thanksgiving' like girls in chains, so why not celebrate with Girls in Chains!


Now, it may threaten to cause indigestion, but the idea of fighting a martian civil war just may be worth it. The SciFi channel original Crimson Force may just be worth the risk!


With cold weather gripping the country, it may be a good time to settle in with Dead of Winter! A deadly reality show TV shoot? I'm all for anything that's going to kill off Reality TV!


Unfortunately this isn't the "Madhouse" starring the lovely Jordan Ladd, but it's a Madhouse all the same! This time Julia has a deranged twin sister who escapes from the local looney bin!


It may not be a good movie, but Psychic Killer gets a nod just for something different. A mental patient killing people with astral projection? Sign me up!

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