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Okay, follow along here....Beast Within is also known as "Virus Undead". It was shot in Germany with a full German crew and cast. However, it was shot in English because it was cheaper. Oh, and the director's name is Wolf Wolff. Other than that, there is just not a whole lot available on this movie aside from German Zombies.

With the crashing glow of a falling satellite, we're one step closer to that upcoming H1N1 disaster movie! I just know it! Anyways, in Contagio, Calvin and Iris hit the countryside for a dream vacation filled with camping, until that pesky crashed satellite releases a toxic cloud over their campsite.

I'm seeing bold claims on Dark Mirror... people referring to this as a Polanski kind of scary. That's a big pair of shoes to fill, think it will live up? A photographer moves her family into an old house, where she discovers a mirror that shows a dark alternate reality of her surroundings, along with things lurking in said shadows.

There is little plot information available for Death of Evil, except for the fact that it is directed by someone named Damien Chapa who casts himself alongside a super hot woman as his girlfriend. Smart guy. Anywho, with my budding internet detective skills working their magic, I've found out that Mr. Chapa's hot girlfriend in this film is a satanist. I think you can figure it out from there.

Night Watcher wins the award this week for 'most pontentially watchable DVD' on the Bargain Bin list. Angela's mother commits suicide which understandably leaves her upset. As soon as Angela thinks that she's put the whole matter behind her, she receives a VHS tape that documents her mothers final days.

Well, I must admit; when I first downloaded the cover for Sand Serpants I misspelled the file name. Once I realized what I was actually researching was a Syfy Original and not some movie named 'Sandser Pants', I was a bit disappointed. Marines, the Afghan Desert, sand snakes, Syfy Channel... you know how this works.

People go nuts in the high mountains. When a supernatural phenomena causes a group of people to go missing, a small research team heads to the hills to do psychological battle with the enemy! Stragglers has a cool cover at the very least.

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