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Famke Janssen stars as Marnie, a woman who kills her abusive husband. Confined on house arrest, hence the title 100 Feet, her sentence sounds pretty easy until Marnie realizes her dead husband's ghost is haunting the house.

Recently reviewed by Todd, "Blood: The Last Vampire" is the live action remake of the hit Japanse animated film from 2000.

Blood Ties follows a group of students as they uncover a 20 year old murder. Then they get hunted down themselves, one by one.

Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good looks... horrible. But that's the point. It's directed by Bill Zebub after all.

Some may say that Ichi The Killer may be one of the most brutal Miike films to date. Now you can watch all its nastiness in High Def glory. I may have to fast forward through the boiling grease scene myself.

Okay, keep up with me here. This will blow your mind. Last of the Living, is about a zombie outbreak. Where 3 unlikely heroes fight to survive. This is cutting edge plot development here folks.

There's two Bill Zebub low budget gross out fests. The lastest, Kill the Scream Queen has people, killing scream queens! You follow?

The kids are in control in 1987's Summer Camp Nightmare. Who would't root for some kids revolting against those no fun camp counselors?

For Uninvited, I'll borrow straight from the plot synopsis; "A mutated killer cat finds its way on-board a yacht." Oh yes.

William Castle is a legend in the horror film world with many of his past classics such as "House on Haunted Hill". With this film collection, you get a slew of us lower profile horror hits. If you're a fan of the man, this collection is a must. Includes such films as "13 Ghosts ", "Mr. Sarddonicus", "Straight-Jacket" and more.

I reviewed Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead just last week and let me reiterate; there is better ways to spend your money.

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